What to Look for in Professional End of Lease Cleaning Service

What to Look for in Professional End of Lease Cleaning Service

If you are a tenant at the end of your lease, you may feel overwhelmed by the mandatory after lease cleaning. This is mandatory because it has to be done before you get your tenancy deposit back. If you fail to clean after the lease, the landlord uses the deposit to pay for cleaning service and gives you the remainder. If you hire an after lease cleaning service, you will pay much less than the landlord would. When hiring a cleaning service, you must get it right as the kind of cleaning could be disputed by the landlord. Be aware that you may need to look for Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning to save yourself the time and headache of dealing with complaints. What should you look for in an after lease cleaning service?

How are the workers treated?

It is a good idea to visit the offices of the cleaning service to see how they treat their customers and workers. If the workers are treated shoddily, the cleaning service will most likely extend the same treatment to you. On the other hand, workers who endure such kind of mistreatment tend to be of the desperate kind which does not go well with household items.

Check the licensing and insurance

The cleaning service will be handling pricey household goods. There are risks that these items could be damaged. Ask to see the license so that you can be sure you are dealing with a legal business who could be sued for damage. Ask to see the insurance too so that you are sure that any damage done will be quickly compensated.

Run a reference check

Get to know the cleaning service better. How long have they been in the industry? Can they provide references? If they can, it does not hurt to talk to one or two of the references to get a feel of past customers’ sentiments about the cleaning service.

You could also look up the cleaning service on the review sites on the web. Check for any unresolved disputes.

Assess the capacity

Many cleaning services will make claims they cannot deliver. Does the cleaning service have the needed manpower for the job, or do they rely on sub-contracting? If they sub-contract the cleaning work when it is beyond their capability, ask them to clarify on the sub-contracting arrangement. Who is in charge of the cleaning crew? Who will pay? What happens if the cleaning is not done satisfactorily? What kind of cleaning materials does the cleaning service use? Do they use environmentally friendly products?

Having the above points in mind can lead you to the right cleaning service that will perform after leasing service that cannot be disputed.