What are Some Common PC Repairs You Can Do?

What are Some Common PC Repairs You Can Do?

The PC is a strange beast. At times it is working perfectly well then when you are in the middle of an urgent report the screen goes blue.  With more modern PCs, there are fewer problems but you will still encounter the occasional crash. Some PC problems can seem so serious that you think the only alternative is buying a new PC. However, there are some PC repairs that you can handle without shelling out hundreds of dollars or spending good money on a new computer.

The Blue Screen of Death

If you are using an older PC running on Windows XP, it is very likely that you will encounter this problem. The Blue Screen of Death is technically called the STOP error and occurs when there is a memory failure making the PC software crash.

Installing a new copy of Windows is the quickest remedy for this. Restart the PC with the original Windows installation disk and follow the instructions.

Computer does not power up

If the computer does not power on, check if the power plug is properly inserted into the socket. Check if the cable is loose where is plugs into the PC. If power is available, all the connections are proper, yet the PC will not power up, you are looking at a faulty power unit.  If the PC powers up but the screen remains black, you have a booting problem. You can buy a new power unit that is easily installable using a simple screwdriver. For a booting problem, insert the original Windows installation disk and choose ‘Recovery Option’

Missing DLL file

You will at times get an error message saying there is a missing .dll file. These are files that help applications interact with Windows.  Remedy this by uninstalling the application and installing a fresh copy.

Virus alert

If you have an antivirus installed on your PC, it will raise alerts when it encounters a potentially malicious file. Just click on scan for the antivirus to scan the file.  Ensure the antivirus is updated by going to the settings tab and clicking on check for updates.

Slow PC

If your PC is too slow, you need to free up some memory space. This can be done by deleting files that you don’t need like old movies and games. It could also be that your PC is infected with viruses and other malicious files. Install antivirus software and let it run a full scan to clear all malicious files.

PC repair issues

PC repair issues

What issues can you have with your PC or notebook?

Well.. a lot. We will make a list with just a few problems you can have and which we can fix.

We can:

–  change your notebook keyboard in case you spill water or something on it, and it doesn’t work anymore;

– change your notebook display if you broke it;

– replace notebooks’ case;

– repair your motherboard no matter what problem it has (notebook/PC);

– reinstall an operating system or drivers that are suitable for your notebook or PC; many times people found out that their PC doesn’t work properly after that they chance a hardware, and usually, it is because other hardware also needed to be changed;

– replace notebooks’ coolers;

– we also repair PCs’ displays;

– we clean your PC/notebook of viruses and many other things;

You can’t have a problem which we can’t figure out. You can call us anytime because we have someone available for you no matter when. We also come to your home if it is an emergency and it needs to get repaired immediately.

Here are some examples of problems with solutions.

  1. You bought a new sound card, and it doesn’t work. You PC restarts during the installation of your new sound card device. Well, it is sure that here is a conflict between your new sound card and another program from your PC. Also, maybe you install the new drivers without deinstalling the old one. In this situation, you can’t have two drivers for the same time on your operating system. Delete the old one before installing the new one. Another option for your problem may be that you do not place your audio card in a correct way.

It can also be an option not to get recognised, and you have to manual configure your audio driver in the Control Panel. The next step is to click on Add New Hardware, and everything will be okay.

  1. You can have problems with your power source. First, replace the cable to see if the problem is because of it or not. If the problem is with your cable, you have to replace it.

If the computer doesn’t work properly, a problem can also be because of his cooler. Coolers are vital because they make the other PC components not to get hot. If they get hot, they will be damaged because PC’s aren’t made to handle high temperatures. Verify your cooler regularly to see if it still works. If not, change it immediately and do not use your PC anymore till it gets repaired.

What we can do for you is to replace damaged components without worries. Maybe you don’t know too much about your computer, and this can make you buy a PC component that doesn’t fit your PC. If you bring it to us, we change the damaged part with a good one. Our prices are excellent because we want to help all the people.

Some of the most common PC problems

Some of the most common PC problems

You wanted to open your PC, and it doesn’t work? You do not know what to do, and you are scared because you need it for work? You do not have money for a new one, and you need a fast repair? The best solution you can have is to bring your PC to our service, to figure out what problem is and you can have it back even on the same day.

What are the most common PC problems?
Your PC screen got broken, you deleted an important file, and do not know how to recover it, you do not have internet access, your PC just do not open even if the day before it worked perfectly, your hardware have an issue or unexpectedly the blue screen shows up. If your PC or notebook gets too hot, it is also a problem.

Most of the time, people try to repair it without getting some help from a professional. The most common reason is that they do not have enough money for that. But, if you aren’t an expert in the domain (with a diploma) or if you do not have experience with PC problems, our advice is to stop trying to do something and give it to an expert.

If you try to repair it even if you do not know everything about PCs, it could get worse. Also, the chances to pay more for this repair are bigger.

A PC expert will know from the begging what problem is and you can have it done until the end of the day. Unfortunately, many times our equip is so busy that they can’t look at your PC immediately. But you have to trust us because our fit consists of experts with a diploma in the domain.

Our prices are suitable for everyone, and we are as fast as we can. Our professional will explain to you what problems are and how they can get fixed.

Most common hardware problems are with graphics. The most common Graphics Drivers are Intel and NVidia. You can see that it has a problem when you open a game and errors start to appear, when games aren’t work proper or when from nowhere you game stops. We can solve these problems immediately if you want to. The most common problem implies an old graphic hardware.

What can we do for you?
Install, upgrade and configure operating systems.
Install drivers and any other type of PC program you want to use.
We can clean your PC of viruses.
We can recover dates from PC or USB for you.
Our team will diagnose your PC issue and keep your PC safe from any problem if you come at us constantly.
If your PC gets hotter and hotter or if any of your hardware got broken, we can fix it.

We are waiting for your call or visit at our headquarter. We are waiting for you with a big group of experts.