How to Find Rooms to Rent London Pain-free

How to Find Rooms to Rent London Pain-free

With rents in most parts of London upwards of £1,000 a week, looking for rooms to rent London area can feel pretty intimidating especially for someone new in London. Rents in London are not cheap, so you have to be in the know of a few tips to get decent rooms to rent that are affordable. How do you go about it?

Know what you want

What are you looking for, a house share or flatshare?  Do you want to be North or South of the River? How close do you want to be to the tube or other commuter options?  There are several tools you can use to study the different regions of London. The Office of National Statistics has a map tool offering information on different neighbourhoods. You can Google the areas too, or use the crime map to find out the level of risk in each area.

Search the web

There are several good sites that have info on properties to let across London.  However, do not be tempted to take shortcuts that could prove expensive later. There are plenty of housing scams. You should view the property before you pay anything.

You could also use real estate agents. They will often have the information you need, but there is a cost for that. Some will charge as high as 10% of the rent on top of administration costs. Private landlords can be reached through the ads.  Be careful of offers that are too good to be true.

Questions to ask

It is very crucial that you clear some issues with the agent or landlord. How much is the deposit, and how soon do you get it back after moving out? Who manages the property? If you choose shared rooms, ask about the bills. Are they included in the rent? Look out for hidden costs. Some low rents do not include council taxes or bills.

Read and understand the tenancy agreement

Do not skip this crucial task. If you are moving into shared rooms, ensure that the agreement does not place a burden on you for the deeds of your roommates. Get clarification on the notice period needed before moving out and your liability in case you need to move out in a hurry.

Ensure that there is a detailed moving in inventory report showing the state of the rooms before you moved in.  Ideally, anything that needs fixing should be fixed before you move in, for example, non-functioning locks, broken windows, leaking taps, etc. You can find some of the best Rooms to Rent London by visiting Flatshare websites such as Room Hunters.

How to Make PC Repairs on the Cheap

How to Make PC Repairs on the Cheap

As a PC user, you can expect trouble from the unit once in a while.  Software crashes are common especially in the older PCs running Windows XP and other earlier OS.  Hardware problems though not very common are seen especially for the power unit and parts that are exposed to dust and water. Accessories are the most perishable of PC parts but that is to be expected as they suffer the highest contact. Whether you need to repair a malfunctioning or dead PC, or you just need to do some upgrades, there are a few tips you can use to keep your costs low.

Research and plan

Usually, when you are doing repairs, you will want to fix and upgrade with newer better performing parts. You can do your research on different available parts and their compatibility with what you already have. If you need to replace the motherboard, for example, you have to get a compatible hard disk and RAM. There are numerous PC building sites that provide useful information on the latest parts including prices from different vendors.


If you are doing an overhaul of your PC, there are many parts that you can re-use. Parts that do not directly connect to the motherboard and the processor can be re-used with low risk of incompatibility. There is no need of replacing your casing for example, if you envision a full tower, while the current case has all the slots you need.

Shop around

There are hundreds of manufacturers for any one PC part.  Vendors that are major brands like Intel will usually have pricier parts. On the opposite end of the price scale are Chinese made parts.  Strike a balance between price and reliability. You can use review sites to look for the best price offers and discounts. If you are in the market for the latest top performing parts, expect to pay more. Alternatively, wait one or two months for the prices to come down.

Used parts

Used parts can save you good money. However, be careful when buying used parts, and avoid moving parts altogether. Ensure you visually inspect a used part before buying.

Free source software

You can save hundreds of dollars by changing to free software such as Linux if your current software license has expired. You can install and uninstall as many programs as you want without incurring costs.

Low-cost help

If you are not good with your hands and have little knowledge of computers, you can always ask your cousin in college or high school. They can offer great advice on parts and repair for free or minimal costs.

What to Look for in Professional End of Lease Cleaning Service

What to Look for in Professional End of Lease Cleaning Service

If you are a tenant at the end of your lease, you may feel overwhelmed by the mandatory after lease cleaning. This is mandatory because it has to be done before you get your tenancy deposit back. If you fail to clean after the lease, the landlord uses the deposit to pay for cleaning service and gives you the remainder. If you hire an after lease cleaning service, you will pay much less than the landlord would. When hiring a cleaning service, you must get it right as the kind of cleaning could be disputed by the landlord. Be aware that you may need to look for Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning to save yourself the time and headache of dealing with complaints. What should you look for in an after lease cleaning service?

How are the workers treated?

It is a good idea to visit the offices of the cleaning service to see how they treat their customers and workers. If the workers are treated shoddily, the cleaning service will most likely extend the same treatment to you. On the other hand, workers who endure such kind of mistreatment tend to be of the desperate kind which does not go well with household items.

Check the licensing and insurance

The cleaning service will be handling pricey household goods. There are risks that these items could be damaged. Ask to see the license so that you can be sure you are dealing with a legal business who could be sued for damage. Ask to see the insurance too so that you are sure that any damage done will be quickly compensated.

Run a reference check

Get to know the cleaning service better. How long have they been in the industry? Can they provide references? If they can, it does not hurt to talk to one or two of the references to get a feel of past customers’ sentiments about the cleaning service.

You could also look up the cleaning service on the review sites on the web. Check for any unresolved disputes.

Assess the capacity

Many cleaning services will make claims they cannot deliver. Does the cleaning service have the needed manpower for the job, or do they rely on sub-contracting? If they sub-contract the cleaning work when it is beyond their capability, ask them to clarify on the sub-contracting arrangement. Who is in charge of the cleaning crew? Who will pay? What happens if the cleaning is not done satisfactorily? What kind of cleaning materials does the cleaning service use? Do they use environmentally friendly products?

Having the above points in mind can lead you to the right cleaning service that will perform after leasing service that cannot be disputed.

What PC Repairs Should Commonly Expect?

What PC Repairs Should Commonly Expect?

The good old PC refuses to die. You will admit it.  Working spreadsheets on your PC is more fun and comfortable than doing it on a tablet. Gaming on the PC is for die-hard gaming enthusiasts who like more control. Plus graphics on a PC are always the best. This means you won’t be dumping your PC anytime soon. That said you should expect the PC to misbehave now and then. As a PC owner, what are the common causes of PC repairs to watch out for?

Broken down fans

If you are working on heavy applications like video gaming, your CPU will work extra hard which means it will draw more power and in turn heat up faster and to higher temperatures.  The cooling fans have to keep up. In many PCs, the air fans are placed such that they suck in air to the power unit where most of the heat is generated.  If the fans get too clogged with dust they break down pretty fast. Even in a relatively clean environment, you can expect the fans to break down at some time.

Dust and water

A PC has several spaces through which dust and air come in, the air fan vent being the most open. This dust covers the electronics in the PC including sensitive power handling elements and the CPU.  If the dust is a lot, these components can break down.

Water is an enemy of anything electrical. The most common victims of the water in the PC are the mouse and keyboard. These suffer coffee spills and are regularly inundated with water by unsuspecting cleaners.  If the PC is on, electrical shorting cooks these items fast.

Forceful trauma

A PC carries many delicate components like the hard disk and other fragile electronics. Any unexpected shock can damage these items. Dropping a PC will most likely damage some of these components. Careless perched PCs are likely to be victims of this cause as their wires get tangled and pulled along by passersby.


Malware is a general term for all malicious software. These are applications that seek to perform unintended and harmful actions in the computer like copy data or send back personal information to the authors for marketing purposes. Malware makes the PC very slow and can at times crash it necessitating a clean installation of the operating system.

You can avoid frequent PC repairs by constantly servicing the PC by blowing off dust.  Installing a robust security system with antivirus and internet security features will also keep your PC malware-free.

Your After Tenancy Questions Answered

Your After Tenancy Questions Answered

At the end of your tenancy, you will be required to leave the house in a habitable condition as near as you found it. This has to be done before you can get a reimbursement of your rent deposit. Some tenants ignore this step which leads to dispute over the rent dispute by the landlord. It is crucial that you get you facts on after tenancy cleaning correct.

What are your cleaning responsibilities as a tenant?

As a tenant, you are responsible for any cleaning in the house. This includes all surfaces and items in the house including hard and soft furnishings, rugs, carpets and hardwood floors. As a tenant, you can be held responsible for clearing pest infestations and moulds. If you have a standalone unit, you will be responsible for cleaning the patio, driveway, and the garden. The landlord cleans the shared areas and facilities like the gym or the gutter.

Can you be forced to do after tenancy cleaning?

The landlord has the right to demand the house be in the condition indicated by the moving in the inventory report. The landlord can dispute your claim for the reimbursement of deposit and demand that you clean the house again. The landlord can also opt to take the costs that are incurred after your tenancy from your deposit. These disputes are handled by the Office of Fair Trading.

How is after tenancy cleaning done?

All repairs and damages should be done before cleaning is done. This involves repairing damaged fittings and restoring any damaged surfaces. If this is not done, the landlord bills you for all these repairs.

Comprehensive Cleaning must be done if the house is to pass a keen inspection. All the major areas of the house must be left clean. Have a look at the below areas recommended by Citi Clean London:

  • Living room cleaning

Soft and hard furnishing must be cleaned as well as carpets, rugs, upholstery and the curtains. Any stains on the floor should be cleared.

  • Kitchen cleaning

The oven should be cleaned as well as the fridge. Any grease should be cleared as well as stains on the floor.

  • Bathroom cleaning

The walls, tiles and sinks should be left scum free and clear of any stains. The mirrors should be cleaned and polished.

  • Bedroom cleaning

Cobwebs and dust should be cleared from the walls and ceiling. Carpets, rugs and curtains should be vacuumed.

  • Hallways, stairs and landings

Mopping and vacuuming are to be done as well as cleaning sockets and switches on the walls.

  • Other areas

Cleaning should also be done on the veranda and the exterior walls.

What are Some Common PC Repairs You Can Do?

What are Some Common PC Repairs You Can Do?

The PC is a strange beast. At times it is working perfectly well then when you are in the middle of an urgent report the screen goes blue.  With more modern PCs, there are fewer problems but you will still encounter the occasional crash. Some PC problems can seem so serious that you think the only alternative is buying a new PC. However, there are some PC repairs that you can handle without shelling out hundreds of dollars or spending good money on a new computer.

The Blue Screen of Death

If you are using an older PC running on Windows XP, it is very likely that you will encounter this problem. The Blue Screen of Death is technically called the STOP error and occurs when there is a memory failure making the PC software crash.

Installing a new copy of Windows is the quickest remedy for this. Restart the PC with the original Windows installation disk and follow the instructions.

Computer does not power up

If the computer does not power on, check if the power plug is properly inserted into the socket. Check if the cable is loose where is plugs into the PC. If power is available, all the connections are proper, yet the PC will not power up, you are looking at a faulty power unit.  If the PC powers up but the screen remains black, you have a booting problem. You can buy a new power unit that is easily installable using a simple screwdriver. For a booting problem, insert the original Windows installation disk and choose ‘Recovery Option’

Missing DLL file

You will at times get an error message saying there is a missing .dll file. These are files that help applications interact with Windows.  Remedy this by uninstalling the application and installing a fresh copy.

Virus alert

If you have an antivirus installed on your PC, it will raise alerts when it encounters a potentially malicious file. Just click on scan for the antivirus to scan the file.  Ensure the antivirus is updated by going to the settings tab and clicking on check for updates.

Slow PC

If your PC is too slow, you need to free up some memory space. This can be done by deleting files that you don’t need like old movies and games. It could also be that your PC is infected with viruses and other malicious files. Install antivirus software and let it run a full scan to clear all malicious files.

How to Find Adequate Man and Van Services

How to Find Adequate Man and Van Services

Quick questions to getting a competent man and van services for your removals

Are you looking for the best rates when it comes to moving out and have moderate items to move? The man and van services are the most suitable moving services in your case. Moreover, if you have a business that involves transporting small packages, the man and van services are usually cheaper than most courier services. Thus, you can hire the services on a monthly basis for the delivery of your products.

When going about looking for the suitable man and van services for your needs, consider a number of factors as explained below.

Do they serve the area that you wish to move to?

Look for companies that serve the areas that you need to move. You can do this by searching for man and van services along with the exact areas that you need to move on your search browser. You can then call a few and find if they move to the said places.

What are past customers saying about them?

Reputation among people that have used the service is very important. Do a research among your friends and online about any man and van services that they found reliable in the past. Have a few companies with which to compare the services. Look for such qualities as reliability, friendliness, punctuality, and pricing for their services.

Are they insured and bonded?

You want to be sure that your items are safe in transit all the way to your destination. Seek a company that is both bonded and insured. This covers you from any losses or damages in the course of the removals.

 What is their capacity?

Unlike the moving companies, man and van companies have lower capacity and may not carry very heavy or very large items. When inquiring about the services, ensure that you ask about the capacity of the vans that the companies use if you have large and heavy items.

Are there other services that they offer?

Some man and van companies also offer temporary storage services as well as re-arrangement of items in your destination. If you need any of such extras check if you have any of the companies in your list offering them.

What about their pricing

Once you have had a few companies that have fulfilled the above qualities, you can now compare their prices. Compare the prices of the services that they promise to deliver and the length of the distance to be covered.

Having a competent man and van company makes your removals easier, less stressing, and fast.

PC repair issues

PC repair issues

What issues can you have with your PC or notebook?

Well.. a lot. We will make a list with just a few problems you can have and which we can fix.

We can:

–  change your notebook keyboard in case you spill water or something on it, and it doesn’t work anymore;

– change your notebook display if you broke it;

– replace notebooks’ case;

– repair your motherboard no matter what problem it has (notebook/PC);

– reinstall an operating system or drivers that are suitable for your notebook or PC; many times people found out that their PC doesn’t work properly after that they chance a hardware, and usually, it is because other hardware also needed to be changed;

– replace notebooks’ coolers;

– we also repair PCs’ displays;

– we clean your PC/notebook of viruses and many other things;

You can’t have a problem which we can’t figure out. You can call us anytime because we have someone available for you no matter when. We also come to your home if it is an emergency and it needs to get repaired immediately.

Here are some examples of problems with solutions.

  1. You bought a new sound card, and it doesn’t work. You PC restarts during the installation of your new sound card device. Well, it is sure that here is a conflict between your new sound card and another program from your PC. Also, maybe you install the new drivers without deinstalling the old one. In this situation, you can’t have two drivers for the same time on your operating system. Delete the old one before installing the new one. Another option for your problem may be that you do not place your audio card in a correct way.

It can also be an option not to get recognised, and you have to manual configure your audio driver in the Control Panel. The next step is to click on Add New Hardware, and everything will be okay.

  1. You can have problems with your power source. First, replace the cable to see if the problem is because of it or not. If the problem is with your cable, you have to replace it.

If the computer doesn’t work properly, a problem can also be because of his cooler. Coolers are vital because they make the other PC components not to get hot. If they get hot, they will be damaged because PC’s aren’t made to handle high temperatures. Verify your cooler regularly to see if it still works. If not, change it immediately and do not use your PC anymore till it gets repaired.

What we can do for you is to replace damaged components without worries. Maybe you don’t know too much about your computer, and this can make you buy a PC component that doesn’t fit your PC. If you bring it to us, we change the damaged part with a good one. Our prices are excellent because we want to help all the people.

Some of the most common PC problems

Some of the most common PC problems

You wanted to open your PC, and it doesn’t work? You do not know what to do, and you are scared because you need it for work? You do not have money for a new one, and you need a fast repair? The best solution you can have is to bring your PC to our service, to figure out what problem is and you can have it back even on the same day.

What are the most common PC problems?
Your PC screen got broken, you deleted an important file, and do not know how to recover it, you do not have internet access, your PC just do not open even if the day before it worked perfectly, your hardware have an issue or unexpectedly the blue screen shows up. If your PC or notebook gets too hot, it is also a problem.

Most of the time, people try to repair it without getting some help from a professional. The most common reason is that they do not have enough money for that. But, if you aren’t an expert in the domain (with a diploma) or if you do not have experience with PC problems, our advice is to stop trying to do something and give it to an expert.

If you try to repair it even if you do not know everything about PCs, it could get worse. Also, the chances to pay more for this repair are bigger.

A PC expert will know from the begging what problem is and you can have it done until the end of the day. Unfortunately, many times our equip is so busy that they can’t look at your PC immediately. But you have to trust us because our fit consists of experts with a diploma in the domain.

Our prices are suitable for everyone, and we are as fast as we can. Our professional will explain to you what problems are and how they can get fixed.

Most common hardware problems are with graphics. The most common Graphics Drivers are Intel and NVidia. You can see that it has a problem when you open a game and errors start to appear, when games aren’t work proper or when from nowhere you game stops. We can solve these problems immediately if you want to. The most common problem implies an old graphic hardware.

What can we do for you?
Install, upgrade and configure operating systems.
Install drivers and any other type of PC program you want to use.
We can clean your PC of viruses.
We can recover dates from PC or USB for you.
Our team will diagnose your PC issue and keep your PC safe from any problem if you come at us constantly.
If your PC gets hotter and hotter or if any of your hardware got broken, we can fix it.

We are waiting for your call or visit at our headquarter. We are waiting for you with a big group of experts.